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Three Looks with Goodnight Macaroon | by Carly

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I partnered with Goodnight Macaroon today to share three different looks from their website. It took me a long time to pick out what I wanted to feature because there were too many cute looks. This dress and this top were runners up. (I actually think I'm going to snag the dress before summer gets here because it really does look perfect for dining al fresco!)

First Outfit: I loved this dress (c/o) from the minute I took it out of the box. The dainty details made me feel extra feminine, but it's still not too over the top. I've tucked the dress away and can't wait for a fun excuse to wear it out! I'm half-tempted to make a reservation for a fancy dinner with Gar so I can wear it again ASAP.
(For sizing reference, I'm 5'5" and wearing a small... If you're on the taller side, I'd go up a size because the slip underneath is a bit shorter than the actual lace hemline. 

Second Outfit: I wasn't sure if I could pull this v-neck sweater (c/o) off as it's very pink. It unexpectedly ended up being my favorite of the bunch simply because it was so comfortable and cozy. Especially for chilly spring days like we've been having, it's the perfect sweater to sport a cute, springy color while still feeling appropriately dressed for the weather.

Third Outfit: This last piece is labeled as a dress but I think it's pretty obvious that it wasn't going to work for me that way! However, I was kind of obsessed with the faux button up/striped shirt layer (c/o) as a casual top with jeans. I love layering button ups under sweaters and would definitely do it with a striped shirt if it wasn't so dang bulky. This is the perfect way to achieve that bulk with zero bulk or frustration. (Whenever I layer sweaters and button ups, it usually takes me a solid five minutes of tugging and pulling before I feel like everything is laying just so.)
I typically wouldn't wear a button up to work from home in, but the shirt was so soft it was great for working from home. And then I felt a little more put together than usual when I had to run to the store for some errands. It was also pouring rain!!
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