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Week 27 Instagram Roundup

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We've just passed 2017's halfway point. How are your resolutions come along? Ha, me neither!

Here's a quick roundup of all the pieces we featured on our Insta last week. See our clothes in a different light. 

Harper ruffle top

The way to wear the feminine ruffle trend without going the outré fashionista route. 

Sonya V-neck dress

The grown-up way to wear frills. 

Cindy crochet dress

This is one of our key pieces here at GM. In this Insta, you can see just how beautifully subtle the underlayer is. 

Flamingo blouse

This pic is a masterclass in styling. 

Mel tulle skirt

Often tulle can be a little too frothy, too bridal. The black layer on the Mel makes it a little more everyday-friendly. 

June crochet dress

The dusty blue and dark underlayer again creates a kind of versatility. It's girly-sweet but not too girly-sweet for workwear or a night on the town. 

Mendy crochet dress

The Mendy is very, very similar to the Cindy – the difference is the lace belt detailing, which is wider on the Mendy. The Mendy also has this lace detail in two stripes down the front of the skirt, and ringing round twice just below the knees. 

Phillis crochet dress

Accessorize with pastel hues. 

Dalary lace dress

This dress I adore. The different hues of cream and white give a vintage feel and the appliqué rectangle running down the front has the most delicate little frills to it. 

Odessa dress

An ice-cream pop of color screams summer. The handkerchief hem on this piece demands a heel. Luckily, we have plenty!

Averie ruffle dress

Easy-peasy gorgeousnes. Possibly the most flattering dress in the universe. 

Grace off-the-shoulder top

So comfy!

Cathy chiffon skirt in beige

OK, beige doesn't do it justice... more like... the most delicately pale pink. 

Cathy chiffon skirt in mauve

Don't be afraid of the old-fashioned vibe of this one. It looks perfect with lace and pearls.

Cathy chiffon skirt in fuschia

Wear this with mirror sunnies and your best tan. 

Meghan cami dress

The loose fit of this piece ensures it's not too over-the-top sexy, and instead flashes some leg while still looking very of the moment. 

Cindy crochet dress

Another Cindy – oh hi! We love you. 

Sina V-neck dress

Workwear to wow Bob in Accounting. 

Erin embroidered dress

How sweet is this little dress?! Omg. 

Halston military romper

New at GM, and cute as hell. Wear it with sandals and a couple of buttons undone. You'll need an undershirt for this one, girls. 

Caylee embroidered top

A combo of office-worthy pinstripes and summery embroidery, this is a wildly versatile top. Do be ready with an iron though!


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