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Posted by Annie M on

This romper embodies all of the trends of this Spring and Summer! Blue and white, tassels and embroidery! It's now on sale for $79.99! It sold out in a hot second but we have restocked pretty quickly! 

This is a holiday essential and such a statement piece that will steal everyone's attention! Are you planning on heading somewhere beautiful this Spring / Summer? Bring this with you!

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  • Absolutely in love with you clothes! Stunning!

    Madison Wheeler on

  • I have continuously tried reaching out to you in order to settle an exchange, but have not received a reply for weeks. Every time I comment to try and speak with someone my comment is deleted. I sent in several items for an exchange before your return/exchange policy changed and have not received store credit for the order. If you could PLEASE have someone contact me I would greatly appreciate it.

    Hylaree Deas on

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