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Catch The Summer's Tail with our Palm Leaf Print Dress!

Posted by Chloe T on

You Gorgeous Macaroons!  We know the trend is now all about FALL but what's wrong with still being in love with the SUMMER?  WE all love our summers with cold fizzy drinks, warm sandy beaches, poolside parties and of course to wear colorful dresses and eye-catching patterns! The temperature might be dropping slightly but we can still catch the summer's tail! With that said, here's is an idea for you featuring Goodnight Macaroon's colorful 'Faith' Tropical Palm Print Dress! ;)

Thanks for sending so much LOVE our way! Cortney Dryden and Lauren Cobb Steele are wearing our 'Faith' Tropical Palm Print Dress and they both look stunning!  This piece is perfect for casual occasions like going to Beach or even walking your dog in the park. Small details like the v-neck and cross-strap design make this dress look far cuter and super fit for Summer!

Here's a hairstyle to go with the dress! Another version of the side pony tail but "WOUND DOWN" is highly recommended.  The COOL and CLEAN LINES go so well with the look!  Just simply take out some hair and tie a side pony tail, wrap the pony tail with taken hair and use pins to prevent it from sliding down. Easy huh?

Hope you love the style we shared and you can shop from below link!
'Faith' Tropical Palm Print Dress

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