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Posted by Chloe T on

Right my Gorgeous Macaroons! We're hosting a 50% Flash Sale this weekend and we need your help to choose 12 items that will be included. Can you please choose your 3 favourite items from our online store and comment below? 

Our one-off, weekend 50% Flash Sale will last for 48 hours only - starting from 8am EST. Don't forget to vote and don't miss out when the items go on Weekend Sale! There are so many New Arrivals at Goodnight Macaroon this week! You won't fail to go into Fall / Winter with style and grace. Take a look at our our recent bestsellers ‘Phoebe’ Crewneck Sweater or Heather Gray Side Slit Crewneck Red Plaid Sweater. Once you've picked your top 3 items, leave us a comment below!

Let’s get picking, commenting and ready for shopping!!!

You can shop all sale items from below link:




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  • Adore Embroidered Lace Shift Dress
    Ariel Crochet Eyelet shift dress
    Theron V-Neck Floral Lace Lilac Shift Dress

    Mary on

  • Heather gray side slit red plaid sweater
    Judith cardigan
    Phoebe crewneck sweater

    Julie on

  • 1. candace off the shoulder chambray pom pom dress
    2. bohemian print empire waist cotton dress
    3. norah off the shoulder denim top

    Amy Shin on

  • 1. Santorini rainbow chambray Pom Pom jacket
    2. Santorini rainbow chambray Pom Pom jacket
    3. Santorini rainbow chambray Pom Pom jacket

    Lol, I leave for Santorini in 2 weeks for my honeymoon and HAVE to have this jacket!!! Love!

    Alissa on

  • 1. ‘Bailey’ Embroidered Skirt
    2. ‘Rumer’ Turtleneck Cutout Sweater
    3. ‘Carolina’ Crewneck Soft Sweater

    Maddy on

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