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Goodnight Macaroon

"No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up." - Regina Brett, New York Times bestselling author, newspaper columnist and an inspirational speaker.

Welcome to Goodnight Macaroon!

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you the story behind Goodnight Macaroon, how our brand was founded, how it has evolved and where we would like to take it in the future. Through all of this, we hope to let you get to know Goodnight Macaroon a little better because we're not just about selling women's clothing but we're also about creating a community of fashion-loving enthusiasts!

Our Story

Goodnight Macaroon was established in the Summer of 2011. Our founder had just left university and returned home to start a new chapter in her life. She tempted by job offers from big corporates but she decided to follow her heart and do what she loved. She loved styling and selling women's clothing, so she setup an online boutique selling the latest trends and styles in women's clothing, all at affordable prices! It all started from in our founder's tiny flat and she worked tirelessly to build-up her dream. This humble beginning marked the birth of Goodnight Macaroon. Our founder was keen to build an online community for fashion-loving customers, so they could share their likes, dislikes and discuss the latest in women's fashion trends and styles. The birth of Goodnight Macaroon brought immense pleasure to our founder because she was finally chasing her unicorn and making her dream come true! There's really nothing better!

Goodnight Macaroon

Our goal is to inspire and be inspired, guide and motivate women from all around the world. We are here to motivate women to feel great about themselves through the power of fashion and social media. This is our Founder's vision. Goodnight Macaroon is an online boutique, selling on-trend, casual, every day apparel and essentials.We focus on design and manufacturing to ensure the latest trends and styles are turned around quickly. We employ the latest technology and best people to provide our customers with the best online shopping experience possible. For example, you can 'shop-the-look' on our Instagram posts using our website tool Instashop, read verified customers' reviews on individual products sold in our boutique and earn loyalty points with our customer loyalty programme. On the subject of product reviews, we believe they are essential to providing additional information to our customers, as well as informing us of what our customers think of our products. We are constantly looking to improve our products, our brand and our business to ensure our customers receive the best shopping experience possible.
At the heart of our business, and at the heart of our Founder's vision, is an excellent customer services team. We've been constantly improving our customer service to ensure our customers receive the best possible online shopping experience. We admit we get things wrong at times but we learn and progress our customer service to ensure customers are happy and want to come back to shop with us. We implemented the Goodnight Macaroon Customer Services Charter ('our Charter') in April 2016 and this is to ensure all of our customer services team members treat each and every customer with respect, fairly and provide the best help possible. Our Charter and our people are here to help you.
Our Founder and Goodnight Macaroon are strong advocates for independent women who are living out their passion and dreams. We are strong supporters of women who blog about fashion because we love to see how people from all across the world style their clothing and feel great in that process. We partner with influential celebrities, socialites and fashion bloggers from all around the world and it's all happening on our Instagram (@goodnightmacaroon) and blog. Please follow us to get the latest news and updates from Goodnight Macaroon. If you're interested in collaborating with us then please get in touch with our Sales & Marketing team by emailing
We are very grateful for our customers and the people continuing to support Goodnight Macaroon, since our humble beginning in 2011. Without you, we would not have the opportunity to continue doing what we love and enjoy. The key to our success has been our ever-growing passion for women's styles and clothing and an ever-improving customer services offering for our customers. We spend a ridiculous amount of time obsessing on the latest trends and finding ways to bring you the latest fashion items at affordable prices.
We truly hope you enjoy shopping with Goodnight Macaroon!

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