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Goodnight Macaroon Store Review

An Honest Store Review You Won't Want to Miss

Sheaffer Told Me To Review

You may recognize the name Goodnight Macaroon because Sheaffer Told Me To had done a post back in 2014 reviewing the Goodnight Macaroon Winter Collection, with an honest review and real try-on photography. The latter can be very useful when it comes to making a decision on choosing the right size and/or style. We see it all the time on the big online stores, where models measurements and the size of the clothing are stated to help customers decide. This White Puffer Vest, as seen on Sheaffer, has remained one of our bestsellers ever since!

Something Navy Review

If you follow stylish fashion blog, Something Navy, you would have come across our online boutique, Goodnight Macaroon. She recently featured our super cute Fedora Sweater and it's selling like hotcakes, as all the ladies scramble to get their sweater to welcome Fall / Autumn 2016! We love Something Navy because she's what everyone in our office wants to be - beautiful, chic and uber stylish!

Our Favorite Canadian Television Personality

Jillian Harris, you may know her from an all-time-favorite, American TV show called The Bachelorette. Goodnight Macaroon was first introduced on Jillian's blog, when she shared her favorite Affordable Summer Wardrobe Essentials in 2015. Jillian also shared her preppy cute Office Outfit from Goodnight Macaroon in Fall 2015.

Our Online Presence Is Growing

As you can see from our two examples above, we work with fashion bloggers to bring awareness to our brand and online boutique. In fact, Goodnight Macaroon is constantly featured by customers, celebrities, fashion bloggers and lifestyle bloggers. We work with our partners as we would work with our customers. They receive the same products and service as all of our customers! Everyone gets our special treatment :)

Goodnight Macaroon Product Reviews

One key feature we implemented in our online boutique is real customer reviews for each of our products. We decided to do this because we wanted to know what our customers thought of our products and we wanted our customers to share what they had experienced with other potential customers out there. We know that online shopping can be challenging when you can't see the garment in person and you can't try it on for size and fit. We wanted our customers to share this information to help others make better purchase decisions. We can guarantee that all customer reviews are real and authentic. They are there to help you!

Online Stores Can Be Deceiving

We understand the pitfalls of shopping online and we try our best to prevent our customers falling into these so-called pitfalls.

We know sometimes that pictures of products can look different to the same piece of clothing in person. This is normally caused by differences in lighting, which can have the impact of changing the color and/or material. That's why we instruct our in-house photographers to take real, unadulterated pictures of our products. We use natural sunlight by shooting between 7am and 1pm, and we don't use filters or effects on Photoshop or equivalent software to 'beautify' our products. In fact, we implemented this since the start of April 2016 and we've received many compliments for this update. We have many new projects in the pipeline to improve the shopping experience for our customers and we can't wait to share them with you!

Apart from providing product pictures in our online boutique, we also try many other ways to get across what our products look, feel and fit like. We post multiple pictures on our Instagram, including product pictures and real, try-on pictures. Our new blog includes neutral, unbiased product reviews. Our YouTube includes clothing haul, unboxing and behind-the-scenes videos.

Fashion bloggers also share their honest reviews online with clear photography, showcasing close-up pictures of the material and different poses to show how the products look and fit on the body. For example, we love what Kendi Everyday has done with our Floral Print Mock Layer Dress, she looks absolutely fabulous!

Customer Testimonials

We recently added a new page on our website called Goodnight Macaroon Customer Testimonials. This was added to give our Customer Services team a pat on the back and also to let our potential customers know that we're an innovative, hardworking and trustworthy online boutique. Here's an example review from a verified buyer - Lucie J.

Topic: Order Tracking 

Date: 05/03/16

The tracking of my order worked. The website answered to my question really fast. And my order look as good as on the website.

Product Reviews: Heather Gray Sweater

This Goodnight Macaroon Sweater, as seen on Olivia Palermo, has received so many positive customer reviews from over hundreds of happy customers. I am sure you will love this sweater too! Caitlin Covington wore this sweater on her fabulous blog - Southern Curls & Pearls. She has a gallery of Goodnight Macaroon sweaters, which is perfect for the upcoming Sweater Weather! Anyway, as we have emphasized above, it's always good to see the product on a real life person, and a lot of times, our computer screens just don't do them justice!

Cute, fits small 11/14/15

I'm between a M and L and ordered the L which fits perfectly. Wish it was slightly bigger for a more slouchy fit but still love the top. Shipping was very speedy too! - Cheryl, Verified Reviewer on June 05, 2016

Customer Service

Goodnight Macaroon is a Small Medium Enterprise (SME for short). As small as it may seem, there is actually so mush work that takes place behind-the-scenes. Our staff often joke about how on earth can an online store require so much work but the truth is our customers are constantly changing their wardrobes and we're constantly evolving our technology and business practices. Our Customer Services Team follow a Charter to ensure all of our customers are UNDERSTOOD, HELPED and LOOKED AFTER. It's a tough task because we receive hundreds of emails each day and we have to treat each and every one of our customers in accordance with our Charter. Trust us, our Customer Service Representatives are doing the best they can, however, they're not perfect yet, as there are still limitations around our capabilities and abilities.

We're Not A Shady Business!

Every email we receive will be different, no template can cater to every situation. A lot of the times, our Customer Services team members just don't know how to handle the situation properly, particularly if they are new team members. We try our best to train our staff but sometimes it just takes more time. Unfortunately, our customers may not understand this and get angry and/or write negative reviews online. This is very disappointing because it's very harmful to our business and it undermines all the good work we are trying to do as a business. We love what we do but when someone starts calling Goodnight Macaroon 'a shady business' then it simply hurts. You know what they say about 'sticks and stones'. Honestly, we are not a shady business and in fact far from it. We are constantly trying our best to improve and provide the best online shopping experience possible. Having said that, we apologise if you've had a bad experience but please know that we're here to put things right. If our Customer Services Team is not up to scratch, then please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Relationship Manager, Arabella, at the following email address:

Sometimes Delays are Inevitable and We're Truly Sorry

We charge a flat $9.99 for standard shipping (via USPS for US customers) and $25 for express shipping (via UPS). When you spend over $100, orders are shipped for free using standard shipping. For orders over $250, we ship for free using express shipping. The larger order sizes allow us to provide free shipping, so it's a good idea to order a little more for the free shipping.

When will I receive my order that was shipped via Express Delivery?

We will prioritize your order once you have paid for express delivery, however please note that Goodnight Macaroon requires a processing time of approximately 3-5 working days to ensure quality control is satisfactory and packaging is adequate. We don't want your order to be damaged on it's way to you! The quickest delivery time will take at least 4-8 working days to deliver ( 3-5 working days processing time plus 1-3 working days delivery time ).

Made in China

We have recently found an online review trying to damage the reputation of Goodnight Macaroon by affiliating us with other online stores or boutiques. We would hereby like to make a statement that we have no relation or affiliation with any other online stores. We are a standalone business ran by a small team of hard-working people who love what they do.

Our clothes are made in China but we also have clothes that are made in other countries including the US. For example, we collaborate with American Apparel to make our printed tees. It's a well-known fact that a lot of products are pre-fabricated or made in China. The quality of made-in-China products varies but we ensure our products are designed and manufactured to strict standards and guidelines. We definitely don't sell clothes that are not up to scratch! However, at the same time, we appreciate everyone has different standards, so if you don't like any of our products that you purchased, then contact us at

Return Policy

Many companies charge customers to ship back unwanted products, especially when shipping internationally. Being located in Hong Kong, the majority of our orders are shipped overseas. We don't mind paying international postage to ship the products to you because we truly think you will enjoy our products!

We understand that, as a customer, you would think twice before purchasing a full-priced item. This is why we have an up to 50% off Flash Sale every Tuesday, every week. Items purchased in our Flash Sale can still be returned but we only provide refund via store credit (no expiry). Please feel free to ask us any questions by emailing

Return Fees? None.

Back in 2014, there were a lot of sizing issues mainly because we entered a new market and our sizing was smaller to fit compared to the US standard sizing. A lot of customers referred from "Sheaffer Told Me To" specifically had a lot of problems with the sizing, which is why we adjusted our Size Chart. But not long after, they started complaining about the price, which is why we started running our Flash Sale Tuesday. We also thought this would allow more new customers to try our products, especially as it provided up to 50% off every week.

A return fee was applied back then and it created a lot of angry customers. At the time, we took a page from a well-established online store called Nasty Gal. We have always been a massive fan of this website and we simply thought it was an acceptable way to provide a returns policy. As we implemented this returns policy, we got many angry customers. Over the course of three months, we gave as many free returns as possible but we couldn't give it to everyone as it was not viable for running our business. Eventually, we realised that returns policy was not compatible with our customers or our business. We stopped this practice after three months and we implemented a much more progressive returns policy. We decided to take the hit and it paid off. Our customers were coming back and they praised us for our courage. To deal with the aftermath of angry customers, we were open and honest about our mistake on our website but a lot of customers continued to compare us to ASOS or Nordstrom. That's like comparing apples and pears! Anyway, we got back to what we always aimed for, which is to provide affordable everyday clothes to more women in the world!

Goodnight Macaroon is NOT based in the US

We still read comments saying we're 'a shady business' because we ship from Hong Kong. We are always open about our business being located in Hong Kong and shipping our products from our Hong Kong warehouse. It's the best location to ship products worldwide. We only opened a US returns warehouse to allow a more economical option for customers in the US. These additional costs are very steep for our online boutique but we insist on adding this service because we listen to our customers. We really do hope for some appreciation, as we do listen and care about our US customers. We know our styles and our price point are perfect for women looking for unique every day clothing. We can guarantee you that our styles are always up-to-date with styling tips from our in-house production team. You won't need to worry about wearing the same dress at another party!  

We now welcome you to read verified reviews from our customers...

Great buy! 05/20/16

Perfect fit and well made!


Awesome 05/20/16



Adorable! 05/20/16

This shirt exceeded all expectations! I loved the look of it!


Excellent fit 05/20/16

Quality and fit were great!


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