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Return Policy

3 Easy Steps to return your order

What is your Return Address?

Do you have a return label?

Can I return On Sale or Flash Sale items?

The products I received is damaged and purchased on sale, how do I return it?

When will I receive my refund?

I don't like my items, how do I return it?

Customer Service

What is customer service email and contact number?

What is your customer service office hour?

I have yet to receive a response from customer service, please advise?

I made a mistake on my order, need to change size / color / address.

Your customer service isn't very helpful, can I speak with your manager?

An item is missing from my parcel?

Flash Sale

Can I return Flash Sale items?

Will this item be on flash sale again?

I missed the sale, can I still buy this item at the same price?


How is the sizing?

What body type is most suitable for Goodnight Macaroon clothing?


I received shipping confirmation, but tracking is not working?

Where do you ship from?

What carrier do you use?

Where do I track my order?

Where to find my order information?

I need to receive this by tomorrow to my US address, is it possible?

Where is my order? ( Slow Shipping / Delay Delivery )

Social Media

I saw your clothing on instagram, and I can't find it online?

Who do I speak to for Media Inquiry?

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